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Festival Spotlight: Arabic Dancing

Arabic Dancing

Arabic dancing, also referred to as Belly Dance, Oriental Dance, and Raqs Sharqi (رقص شرقي), is a traditional folk and social dance of the Middle East. The dance is performed by guests at parties and celebrations. It is also a dance art presented on stage by professionally trained dance artists.

Authentic Arabic dance performances will be presented by Theresa Maze and her students. Music and dance styles will include Baladi, Classic Oriental and Modern Shaabi.

Get ready to join in the dancing!  Everyone is invited join the dance lesson. You will learn some new dance moves and more about Arabic dance and music while experiencing the joy of dancing.

Theresa Maze is an international performing belly dance artist and instructor and is one of the top dancers in the Midwest. She teaches weekly classes and produces the Heart of America international Belly Dance Festival in Overland Park. Learn more about Theresa at