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Christian Education

Church School is just one way we’re bringing our kids up in the Orthodox Christian faith. Our Education Ministry Team (EMT) aims to design events that are not only family-oriented and instructive, but fun!

We all have a special place in our hearts for our children, and we are dedicated to bringing them up in the wholeness of the Christian faith. Sunday School classes are available for all school-aged children after Sunday divine liturgy (except during the summer). Our entire staff of 12 teachers and both our education directors have received diocesan training and are fully certified as an Educational Ministry Team (EMT).

Besides classes, the EMT also hosts events through the year that bring children, teachers and families together to enjoy fellowship and grow together in love and understanding. Some of the activities include our annual Nativity play, a St. Nicholas Day retreat, outings, and lock-ins at the church.

Education Director:

Kh. Jeanetta Issa