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Parish Ministry Council (PMC)

What is Parish Ministry Council?

Parish Ministry Council or rather Parish Ministry Team is a team comprised of parishioners of the parish who are united under the canonical authority of the Bishop through his representative the presiding priest who provides the vision and the purpose of the Church and facilitates as well as guides the members of Parish Ministry Team to actualize the ministry of the Church.  Members of the team are made up of people of strong moral and spiritual character, filled with the Holy Spirit, and of a good repute in the community in particular and at large and are committed to the vision and the purpose of the Church. The sole purpose of such body is to execute the real and actual ministry as well as the administration of the parish to advance the Great Commission of our Lord to the glory of the One and Triune God.

–Fr. Elias Issa

The Parish Ministry Council (PMC) is made up of 12 members (Two thirds are elected by the General Meeting and on third appointed by the Pastor/Priest  for a 3 year term and renewable by vote for another three year term), as well as, the presidents of all constituted church organizations and the heads of the various ministries and parish departments which are appointed by the Pastor.

Every year the (PMC) elects from within its ranks a chairman and executive officers. In addition, committees are appointed to run the affairs of the parish.

The role of PMC members is a role of ministry of stewardship and should not be viewed as a membership of a board. This ministry is predicated on SERVANT-HOOD and fashioned on the order of our Lord’s teachings and model.

The Pastor, as the appointed representative of the Metropolitan Archbishop, has the ultimate responsibility for our parish. For a synergistic and effective management of our church, the priest, the council, and every parishioner has to work in harmony. Much like the Holy Trinity is three persons in one, so must this relationship be.

A nominating committee is appointed every year to search for candidates that can best serve the needs of our parish. To qualify as a candidate one must be 19 years of age, a parishioner of St. Basil parish for at least one year, and in good standing:

One who lives the sacramental life of the Church that includes exemplary liturgical participation, Of good moral character and at peace with God and others, and One who subscribes to the support of the parish through faithful tithing and giving of time and talents.

A church constitution with its by-laws is available to interested members from the parish office. The Parish Council meets monthly, and all concerned parishioners are invited to attend.  Parish Council meetings are typically held on the first Monday of the month and begin promptly at 6:30 PM at Saint Basil the Great church.